Beso Beach | Bendito Best Eau de Parfum 100ml

Beso Beach | Bendito Best Eau de Parfum 100ml

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100 ml / 4 fl oz grouming Beso Beach Blessed Kiss, citrus scent – ​​aromatic. Formentera, the aroma of the sea, the green of the savina forests, and the wild bushes. The blinding sun, reflecting on the water, the footprints on the sand that the water makes disappear and the heat of the sun on the skin. Tanned, a warm body rises from the water, a refreshing kiss, which becomes sweeter as the bergamot fades to reveal its heart of jasmine. And it is placed in the shade under the woody notes of cedar and the elegance of musk. MADE IN SPAIN


Hedione, neroli water, Sicilian bergamot, Cascalone.

Watch out

Keep your perfume away from sunlight.

Avoid exposing it to excessive temperatures.
Cap the bottle after each application.

Store it in a slightly damp place.